With Deep Gratitude,

Collective Update: Dharmic Warrior Status

February 6, 2019



As a collective, we can all agree that things have been a bit intense lately.


Straight out of the gates, our 2019 began with a Solar Eclipse bringing us into radical integrity with ourselves and where we invest our energy. For many, this shattered potential timelines that initially appeared to be promising, but later revealed themselves to be out of alignment.  Relationships were tested and each of us were offered the opportunity to speak our truth and come back into our hearts. We left the energy of the Solar Eclipse relieved of all expectations placed upon us either by ourselves or others, transmuting any lingering attachments from 2018 into a Divine Path of sovereign integrity. 


With only two weeks to settle into our newly redeemed internal solar light, the Lunar Eclipse swooped in almost unexpectedly with a layered platter of internal emotional processing topped off with the wounding of our external worlds. As a collective, we were each greeted by our inner child knocking on the door of our unhealed emotions. Triggers seemed to be popping up left and right, leaving many of us in a state of numbness.


At the time, it seemed like the best possible option for peace was hermitting away from the external world as we continued to practice our recently reclaimed sovereignty.  One baby step at a time, we cleared our old paradigm karmic ways of handling situations with diligent compassion and thoughtful communication and set into action our most integral and honest work yet. While the effects of this Lunar Eclipse seemed to last weeks beyond the moment of totality, having many of us questioning if we were really cut out for this work, our consistency and perseverance awarded us with an Eclipse Season Badge of Honor, stepping out of the Lunar Eclipse into complete Warrior Status. 


Today we are collectively experiencing a time of shaking, breaking and the tearing up of the ground below us. While this unfolding destruction may have in the past terrified us of future outcomes, our newly acclaimed Warrior Status has us feeling on top of the world, now offering each of us the potential of our greatest triumph yet. Our lives are shifting in radical ways and we are now seeing the energy through a lease of true possibility. At times this shift has felt like a vortex of chaos, but as the seasons change we are reminded that the once frozen ground below us has now begun to thaw and is being tilled in preparation for the planting of new seeds and the birth of our Divine Dharma. 


We are now being reminded by all beings of Divine Light that we are exactly where we need to be and we can give ourselves a little pat on the back for getting here.  If you are feeling uneasy during this transitional period, it’s time to step back and take a moment of gratitude. Often times, after we have moved through massive clearings there is a desire to fill that newly cleared space right away with the all of newness that our hearts have been working towards for so long. We are now receiving the message that before we seek out our next big move to allow ourselves this time to integrate, settle, and re-assess our true values.  The coldest part of the winter has passed and the warmth is slowly beginning to creep in.


Because we have all overcome these massive obstacles together, our collective contribution is the strongest foundation we have ever laid for the rebuilding and rebirthing stage of spring. While the excitement of this birth beckons us to push, we are being reminded that our projects and manifestations are still in the incubator phase of winter.  This gift is our opportunity to truly ground this Dharmic Warrior Energy into the center of Mother Earth as her divinely aligned and integrally sovereign beacons of light. Once we have completed this anchoring, Spring will be here before we know it, greeting us with the birth of one of the most radically activating years of our lives. 


As one chapter slowly ends, another will soon begin. Let us take advantage of this built in incubator of winter and enjoy the journey. We have earned it, and when the Equinox of Spring arrives, we will openly exclaim “WE MADE IT!”


With Deep Gratitude to the Guides, Guardians, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Ancestors assisting in this message today.


Love & Light, 


Janie Cricket

Sacred Sovereign Sage

Today's Card Reading:

Mountain - Stand Your Ground

Root down before Reaching high.

Trust your grounding in shifting times.

If you question where to go, wait and know that change will come to you.


The Mountain Card reminds us that we are sturdy and strong. We can trust our grounding in the shifting times. The Mountain is a magnificent structure that exhibits the energies of both the earth and the sky at the same time. We are now at a time where we are being offered the invitation to root down before reaching high. If you are at a stand-still of direction, the message here is to wait. Find solid footing and trust that the change will come to you.

Sun - Enjoy Success & Happiness

The darkness is now brightening with solar joy.

Because of your recent work in the immediate past, you are are currently stepping into a space of pure golden light, new beginnings, and radiant excitement.

Doors are opening for you and you are being given the chance to shine like you’ve always known how.


The Sun reminds us that the darkness is now literally and spiritually brightening with solar energy. Because of our recent work as a collective, we are are currently stepping into a space of pure golden light, new beginnings, and radiant excitement. Doors are opening for each and every one of us and we are being given the chance to shine like we’ve always known how. As we draw nearer and nearer to the rejuvenating energies of spring, this reading of the Sun reminds us to finish our winter retreat with hope, joy and happiness for all of our possibilities.


Lord Shiva - Transcendence

Tame fear and/or the ego.

Destroyer of fear.

Support and guidance from the divine masculine.

Reconnect with Life itself.


Lord Shiva reminds us that we are in a deep transition into clarity. We are still in the process of transcending the limitations that we once held on to.  Lord Shiva invites us into his innovative dance with the cosmos. Steps are being given and it is now our time to listen and receive the gifts of the Universe.


Djwal Khul - Dharma Unfolding

Spiritual discipline reveals our path over time.

Your path is unfolding as it should.

Our only spiritual function now is to be happy.

Reflect on your recent courage.

Trust in the timing of the Universe. 


Djwal Khul and the stadium of Masters, Guides, Guardians, Angels, and Ancestors are all cheering for us with radiant love and encouragement. We have made it through the hurtles of despair and are now stepping our feet onto the paths of our own creation.  They couldn't be more proud of the love and energy we have put towards our spiritual growth. With the excitement of the open road ahead, Djwal Khul reminds us that everything is as it should be. Everything is perfect and that we are on our most divinely aligned paths. Don't rush the process. Take one step at a time and trust that happiness is truly ours. 




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