With Deep Gratitude,

My Intentions: The 11:11 Lightworkers Summit

October 30, 2018




It's all sinking in and I'm starting to get SUPER excited about the 11:11 Lightworkers Summit coming up in just 10 DAYS! 


Over the past 4 months, I have been in meetings and phone calls every week with each of the coordinators of this event. It has been a huge honor to be holding the vision and creating the container for this event. I would just like to go ahead and express my deepest gratitude for the other women involved in the creation of this process:


 Jennifer Crystal Eve, Melissa TigerLily Larson, & Michelle Anderson


You three are magical movers of light and I still am so amazed by each of you and your ability to make things happen! Words can't even BEGIN to describe the gratitude I have for you in my heart. Wopila. Pidama. 


I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to Chief Golden Light Eagle (Loren Zephier) for the vision you hold and your ability to bring together so many magical people from all walks of life. Thank you for invoking a remembrance in us all that we are the Gurus that we have been looking for. Again, words don't do it justice. My heart is so happy and grateful to have you as a teacher in my life. 

So what does the 11:11 Lightworkers Summit mean to me?


This is a beautiful gathering of Like-Lighted healers, teachers, elders, visionaries and beyond. Ever since Star Knowledge came into my life over a year and a half ago, I have been on a massive journey of Remembrance. Remembering my beauty, my light, my essence, my truth, my purpose. Remembering that everything that I need is already inside of me. Remembering that I am a beacon of light and that I am here to also facilitate a space for others to remember their own light as well. I am a rainbow bridge. I am a beautiful soul having a magical human experience and I am finding more and more to love about life as I continue this work. 


Theses conferences are truly divine in that every single person who arrives is exactly where they need to be. It is through the Law of Attraction that we all hear the call. I still get overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful souls who arrive and all the work that you all have done on such a massive level to get there. When we arrive to this gathering we all make the agreement to support the energy of the event through unconditional love. So to everyone able to make it out to this event, Thank you. Thank you for all the effort you have put in to making it there. Thank you for the hoops you had to jump through, the manifestations and abundance you had to call in, and the fears you had to overcome to make this a possibility. You all are truly inspiring. 


To all of those Star Family Members who won't be able to make this gathering. So much gratitude goes out to you too! Thank you for honoring your truth and where you need to be with your energy. You are with us in heart and we will feel your love the entire weekend. 


As we get closer and closer to the event, the prayer, the convergence of so many connected people, I wanted to share my intentions for the weekend and also invite you to collect your intentions as well. 


I am so honored to be holding space with this gathering. 


As a moderator, my intention is to aid in holding the container for each of the presenters before and after they give their presentations. I intend to reach my roots deep down into Mother Earth to be a grounding energy, while also spreading my branches far and wide as I reach to the Cosmos. I intend to be in the flow of spirit and to be a good listener for how the space can be supported for these speakers.


As a workshop facilitator, my intention is to create a safe container for participants to process, reflect, and integrate their experience with others doing the exact same thing. I intend to allow Spirit to move through me as a vessel of light to have the knowing of where and how I am needed, while also having the clarity and knowing of when to allow things to unfold and evolve without my influence. 


As a presenter, my intention is to be a divine channel of source light energy. I intend to align my chakras, open my channels, speak with ease and grace. I call in a beautiful orb of white light to hold me so that I may feel safe and supported by all of my guides, guardians, angels and ancestors. I intend to offer helpful and insightful words of truth to aid all listening and receiving these messages. I pray that they may feel all of these things that I call in for myself within their own beings as we delve into the topic of Spiritual Integration. I intend to be an encouraging voice of light for all of those seeking support on this crazy journey through ascension. 


As a participant, my intention is to listen. Listen to my elders and peers as the voices of spirit, as the teachers for my journey. I intend to observe and have awareness of how I can offer service and support. I recognize that every single person is contributing to the energy of the event. With this I intend to be very mindful as to how I am affecting the energy and if I am positively contributing to the collective. I also hold intention to myself and give myself space when I need it, to find quiet and stillness as this is destined to be a very potent weekend. 


Finally, as a star being, my intention is to beam light, love and laughter. To be in my joy space and to have fun! 

As I reflect and set intentions for myself, I invite you to do the same. 


What has called you here to this event? 
Why are you here? 
What is your intention?
What do you plan on gaining?
What do you plan on contributing?
Where do you see this gathering taking you in the future?
What have you had to do in order to get here?
How can you hold gratitude for yourself in making this far?
What do you want to heal? 
Who do you want to met?
Who do you want to become?


I ask these things because as Lightworkers we are all MASSIVE contributors to this energy of this event and I feel at least for myself it is nice to get connected with myself before/during/after this event to really drop into what these gathering do for me, those around me, and for the collective consciousness. 


Above all, I am so grateful and excited to hold this space with you all! See you November 9th! It's gonna be a good one! Safe journey and happy traveling! Bring a journal, a water bottle, and your beautiful open heart. 


Love you all so dearly! 


Love & Light,

Janie Cricket

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