Reiki & Chakra

Energy Sessions

Reiki Energy Healing & Chakra Alignment

Reiki supports and stimulates each person’s innate self-healing abilities. Prepare to enter a sacred and safe space to release the things that no longer serve your being. This balancing session is designed to assess the problems within the luminous body and correct the flow of energy being distributed by its major points – the Chakras.


New Paradigm MDT Shambhala Energy Session

New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation is an energetic system of working that approaches a person in all of his or her dimensions. The essence of this energy is Love and Freedom. It is Love for oneself and an innate knowingness of one’s connection with Mother/Father God and all of Creation. It is Freedom from all that stands in the way of that knowingness. A session may last between 1-2 hrs. Sessions may include, but are not limited to Shambhala Channeling & Love Energy Exchange, Implant and Entity Removal Meditation, Dissolving Karmic Ties with Archangel Michael, and DNA Reprogramming.

Sessions Range from 60 - 120 minutes

*Please specify your preferred length of session before appointment begins


Pricing is based on a Sliding Scale

$85 - $120 / 60 minutes

$100 - $150 / 90 minutes

$150 - $200 / 120 minutes


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