Traditional Thai Therapeutic Massage is a full-body, holistic bodywork session that involves the physical, energetic, and emotional bodies. This package is good for three 1-hour massages with Janie.  Once the package has been purchased, you will be contacted for scheduling. 


This style of bodywork is intended for people interested in making some shifts in their bodies and in their lives, and at minimum, discover new things about themselves. It is very helpful for relieving chronic physical ailments and latent emotional conflicts.



1 – 2 Hour Session – $135

3 – 2 Hour Sessions – 15% OFF – $344.25 (Save $60.75)

5 – 2 Hour Sessions – 25% OFF – $573.75 (Save $101.25)

Thai Bodywork Package: 2hr Sessions

$405.00 Regular Price
$344.25Sale Price
Option 1

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