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February 6, 2019

As a collective, we can all agree that things have been a bit intense lately.

Straight out of the gates, our 2019 began with a Solar Eclipse bringing us into radical integrity with ourselves and where we invest our energy. For many, this shattered potential timelines that initially appeared to be promising, but later revealed themselves to be out of alignment.  Relationships were tested and each of us were offered the opportunity to speak our truth and come back into our hearts. We left the energy of the Solar Eclipse relieved of all expectations placed upon us either by ourselves or others, transmuting any lingering attachments from 2018 into a Divine Path of sovereign integrity. 

With only two weeks to settle into our newly redeemed internal solar light, the Lunar Eclipse swooped in almost unexpectedly with a layered platter of internal emotional processing topped off with the wounding of our external worlds. As a collective, we were each greeted by our inner child knocking on the...

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