Akashic Record Readings

In-Person & Skype Readings

The realm of Akashs holds the records of our soul's entire journey from our first lives, to our current life, and beyond and into our future lives. The reading consists of our subtle body tuning into our soul's blueprint throughout our entire existence, beyond the limitations of time. For me personally, I have been tuning into the energy of the Akashic Records for various reasons; such as family healing, personal healing, development within relationships, career insight and wisdom, personal karma, synchronicities of our past/present/future lives, as well as the collective purpose as well as our individual soul purpose within that. Whether you are wanting to explore self-love and healing, or are wanting to flesh out a current life problem that you might be facing, the insight that the records have to offer is truly invigorating.


Sessions can either take place over Skype or in person. For the Skype sessions, a video device and a quiet place will be needed. I would also encourage leaving a 20-30 min block for yourself AFTER our session to journal and reflect on your experience. Also, beforehand meditate on 3-4 questions that you would like to ask the records. While questions aren't always necessary to have (sometimes the records take us where the conversation needs to go), it would be a good time to reflect on anything specific that you've been working on.

Sessions Range from 60 - 120 minutes

*Please specify your preferred length of session before appointment begins


Pricing is based on a Sliding Scale

$85 - $120 / 60 minutes

$100 - $150 / 90 minutes

$150 - $200 / 120 minutes


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