Janie Crick, LMT

(License #227018692)

My Intention

The Healing Arts can be a deeply personal and often vulnerable process. My path as a Healing Arts Practitioner began with my personal journey to discover my own inner peace and self-healing. As I began to delve into what that meant for me, I opened myself up to a liberation and growth I had never known possible. 


This healing work looks different for every person.

There is no right or wrong way to engage with this process, although I have to admit from personal experience it has always helped to approach with an open heart and a curiosity for learning. On my journey, I have discovered many fantastic tools and supportive practices from teachers and cultures all over the world. As I have integrated these teachings into my daily routine, I have also discovered my own personal tools and practices that have guided my voice as a teacher, practitioner, and facilitator of the Healing Arts. 

My practice is an offering of service.

  • To the individual, so that they may come to know their true purpose as a sovereign and worthy human being.

  • So that once they find this within themselves, they may share their discoveries with unconditional love to enhance the lives of their family.

  • So that these families may strengthen, support and participate in the greater good of their community

  • So that these communities may build a collective energy of mindfulness and integrity within humanity.

  • So that humanity may find within itself a humility and reverence for the life that we have and be able to offer this life back to Mother Earth.


As your practitioner, it is my intention to support and guide you to a greater understanding of yourself. When we take responsibility for our personal healing journeys, our work becomes the catalyst of remembrance. Everything you need to know is already inside of you. My goal to offer a safe and supportive space for you to rediscover the healer within you. 


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